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. confidence in those. >> tonight the second tragic loss to the aberdeen police department in less than two weeks. >> possibility of showers and storms tomorrow but sunday a different story. when the skies will clear in the forecast. >> i love everything about it. >> who doesn't? it's almost october and we are still all about the orioles. the celebration as we get closer to the playoffs movement and working for you with renovations to help you make money on your home. the news starts right now. >> and we thank you for joining us tonight. hartford law enforcement takes another hit losing a member of the aberdeen police department. mark franklin battled cancer for about eight months. cheryl has the heavy hearts in hartford. >> reporter: the detective is the second death for the police
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in less than two weeks. mourning has now become part of the job for the department. a blocked drape and broken heart continue to cover the police department, meant to honor detective franklin who solved several cases for 13 years. >> he lot lot of the battle he taught others in the process of how they could carry themselves. >> reporter: he became aware of more frequent headaches in january. he found he had cancer that spread into his body and brain. how he lived is the focus of his family. >> he never complained. the nurses, doctors, over 30 different doctors treated him and they all said he never complained. >> reporter: his mobile crime lab is out received police headquarters where mourning now part of the job. on september 8th a detective fell 37 feet off an exit ramp
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of interstate 95. he was on a party bus returning a trip to washington dc. >> really -- working on the guys. they are very tight with each other. >> reporter: in the past month the hartford county sheriff's office lost a corporal when his cruiser hit a tree. a 43-year-old died of a heart attack after the funeral. a former sheriff also died this month. he was 83. badges will stay covered longer than police, a small department of just 40 has ever experienced. >> totally believe and embrace the fact that the brotherhood lives on. >> reporter: and the viewing for the indict is this sunday and the services will follow on tuesday. we have all the details on the website. >> thank you. and update to breaking news we brought you tonight at five and since taking a live look at
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interstate 97 and route 50, the traffic is moving. they are both back open after the deadly crash that shut down several lanes during the afternoon rush. traffic at one point was backed up for about eight miles as police investigated the crash and cleared the scene. we know at least one person died. no word on other injuries tonight. >> all right. on the weather front we finished out this last full day of summer 2012 on a barely seasonal note. upper 70's. some spots hit the 80s. clear across maryland. changes ahead from the frontal edition. could produce showers and gusty thunderstorms. in the meantime a quiet situation overnight with just a
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few clouds. we go toward 80. >> all right. we never know just how we will handle most situations until we are in them when a child was trapped in a burning building in pikesville two men jumped in to action and they don't want to be recognized for what they did. one day the little boy they saved will have quite the story to tell. >> they are. >> reporter: at 21 months brodie is full of smiles. >> mommy. >> reporter: unaware of the real danger he was in just hours earlier. >> crews arrived to find heavy smoke. multiple people were trapped inside. >> reporter: two that were trapped abrodie and her mother. shelf ran out to the balcony and she saw the work crew and
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saw them yeping for help. >> we have three landscaping workers working on the property. they saw the child and mother on the third floor. they threw it to the third flew and brought the child down. >> reporter: tiffany would return to be saved by firefighters. the two alarm fire was knocked down but not before six units were damaged. the heros would be gone. now it's time to assess what was lost and for the brodie family be thankful for what was saved. >> we are crediting the civilian landscapers. >> i'm so grateful. i -- >> reporter: in pikesville bill fink. >> in that fire police officer had to go to the hospital for inhaling smoke but he is expected to be okay. the company is trying to find new homes for the people who lived in the building.
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the perry hall student shot inside his school cafeteria is doing much better tonight. so well in fact that he will be able to attend a fund raiser tomorrow for his family. daniel was critically wounded in the shooting on the first day of school. the family's share of the bill for the hospital stay alone is expected to top $100,000. tomorrow supporters are hosting a summer party. that starts at 11:00 with games and food and activities, all the money they raised going to support daniel and his family. >> something like this to happen to any kid, is horrible. agriculture a as a mom i wouldn't know where to begin. they need everybody's help. they need support to do that. >> reporter: for more on the event you can go to the website. we have included a link to the facebook page. another case of west nile.
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the 4th so far this year. that brings the total to 30 cases reported in maryland in 2012. all of the west nile virus has been in adults, three of the victims have died. they will start spraying on monday evening. in the east port terrace, prim rose and truxtun heights. we have a resource guide on the website. there are symptoms to look for and interactive guide to better understand the virus. another night, another win for your baltimore orioles, top of the six adam jones on first and they take that pitch in to the left field corner. jones comes all the way around from first to give them a 3-2 lead. three rwi's on the night. that was the game winning rbi.
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jim johnson put the finishing touches on the game in the bottom of the 9th when he struck out some guy for the red sox to earn his 46th save the season. that is significant, a new orioles record. tonight was the first buckle up rally for the orioles. fans came out to the mining company to get free stuff and cheer on the orioles. >> a quick look outside the silver spring mining company and you would have thought were you on utah street. the kids are excited. >> brian roberts. nick markakis. >> reporter: its been a lifetime. how about a second shot? >> jj hardy. >> reporter: inside some fans
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sticking the old school players. >> outside the kids are practicing for the orioles playoff run. inside people have been praying for one. now the kids. are getting the hang of it. >> we are in the middle of getting the kitchen renovated. we are having a wall torn down. we let the kids write onto walls that was coming down the weekend before. they wrote boo yankees. >> reporter: and as the kids build memories to share when they grow up romeo has a reason that only big pals can sign his hat. >> i asked him to sign and he said to me, you get it signed four times and i will give you a beer and a seat and i got it done and -- the irony i don't eat meat or drink. i just wanted that interaction
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with him and he just is a great great person. >> reporter: he spent down time over a computer screen cheering on heros and he doesn't want to watch on a computer again. >> came back i said i would go every game and i went 20 a season, 30, i'm up to 50. i will have 60 by the end of the season. >> reporter: if you are a long suffering fan or just getting started come out to the rally. and there will be several more rallies planned across the areas through october 2nd. you can bet there will be more of those buckle up rallie and you will have to act soon if you want to go to a potential game in about 11 hours you will be able to try to get playoff tickets online, the sales start at ten in the morning tomorrow. the orioles will sale tickets for the wild card game and the american league division series as well. for the american league
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championship series. those tickets don't start being sold until tuesday october 2nd. we have been asking you to send us pictures of your orioles employed and now we want you to judge ours. jamie who you saw there and lauren cook from the morning show are facing off with competing cheers and you get to decide which is better and right now i'm told lauren has the advantage on jamie. the cheers are on the website. take a minute. watch them both and then tell us who do you think is better. why baltimore bleeds orange and black it's also purple friday. the ravens take on the patriots. [inaudible] sunday night a lot to prove for both teams. the ravens and pats lost last weekend. developing news out of new york, a man visiting the bronx
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zoo in bad shape after being attacked by a tiger. authorities say the man jump from an the elevated train in to the exhibit. he suffered puncture wounds and a broken ankle and arm. no word on why he would come from the train. a hostage situation in pills bug this afternoon ended with the suspect giving himself up to police. police claim that the 22-year- old said he had a weapon and he held at least one person hostage. he was updating his facebook page. negotiators brought his mother, sister, brother and girlfriend to the building during the situation to talk to him. a better picture of romney's finances and how much he pays in taxes. coming up, what the republican nominee released as well as what will continue to remain private. >> and three apps, the news app, weather app and storm
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shield app. storm shield keeps a alert to severe weather and you can check the radar out nationwide. check it out. . >> and wyatt had to pay fort phone and case but what are the other costs of owning the i- phone new may not realize how much you are really paying.
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. having an electrical issue and we will declare an emergency. >> frightening story. >> ann romney is safe after her plane had to make an emergency landing. she was on the plane headed to california when thick smoke started to fill the cabin. the pilot managed to land safely in denver and romney was able to get her -- onto another plane. her staff later said it was apparently an electrical fire. its been a hot topic in the campaign, romney's taxes. now he has released another
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year of returns and it's -- karen says he made a surprise revelation. >> reporter: for months he has faced criticism about his refusal to release more tax returns. this week he has been under fire for comments about the 47%. today seems as good a time as any for the campaign to release his taxes. they saw that last year they paid nearly $2 million in taxes mostly on investment issue come taking the tax rate 14.1%n. january he released his 2010 returns and he paid a tax rate of 13.9%. he has said that is it. two years of tax returns. >> released all the information required by law and then some. >> reporter: in a surprise move the romney campaign today released a summary of his filings for 20 years, not the actual returns.
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for 1990 to 2009 they say they paid a tax rate of 20%. the lowest rate they paid was 13.66%. a 35% tax rate is a applied to americans in the highest brackett. how does he manage to pay such a low rate? his investments are his primary income source so he is take advantage of the legal lower rate on capitol gains. they also released a letter saying he is healthy, keeps himself in great shape and is fit to serve as president. a similar one was issued for paul ryan saying he is in excellent health. abc news. >> well are you sitting at home playing with your new i- phone? the newest part phone went on sale today after many waited hours in line at stores all across the country. the phone screen is a little larger. also this week they released the new you operating system
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os6 for i-phone and i-pad. buying the i-phone can be expensive and there is more cost than just the phone. a new study claims that americans have spent nearly $6 billion on i-phone repairs since 2007. 30% say they damaged their phone just in the last year. most common accident, dropping or getting them wet. one of the best ways to protect the phone, get a case. >> if you have a recent model gm car they are recalling more than 400,000sedans including the malibu. the recall impacts methodl its made between 2007 and 2010. they said the cars may still roll even when in park. the company will send outletters soon. you will be able to take your car to a dealer for free repairs. thinking of redoing the kitchen or adding a home office? some renovations you will likely get your money back but
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with others you won't. >> home improvement used to be so easy. we dot kitchen, back or deck and add thousands of dollars to your home's value. these days of home prices it's no longer so easy. no kitchen five-years ago spending 25 grand meant you could get it at selling time. no more. many projects now return only half of what you put into them unlike the prerecession days. among the best projects right now a kitchen redo. $24,000 average, you will recoup 66% of the cost of resale. a full bathroom remodel, $10,000 average with 62% return at resale, adding a deck is a good investment. $8,000, in return 70% of what you paid. in projects that don't
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return much, a home office costs $4,000 but you will get back just 40% . sun rooms, and garage additions also don't bring the big dollars at resale time. there is nothing wrong with them as long as you plan to stay in your home a few years. don't be afraid to remodel. it gives local contractors work and helps rebuild the economy. do it wisely. so you don't waste your money. >> you like the mild summer nights? enjoy it tonight this is it. the last summer night of 2012. there is cool air on the way 66 now at pwi. dew point 61, gives you the idea, pushes that humidity up to 85%. it feels like a summer night. how about that last summer day. that last full day of summer.
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at the key bridge nothing but sun. beautiful weather. nice finish there, love to seat lights, ocean city ending the summer on a mighty fine note today. sun and again just good weather. fireworks down toward the pier. 77, that's where we ended up. normal 76. 1931, one good part of the fall season. gets to be more and more like football. we have been in the nfl season. we could be in the low 350's. on sunday night. here is what is coming our way. bottom line is this. a mild nightn. the low 70s. radar clear right now as is the beach and as we look at the
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overall set up into the next 24 hours, here is the storm system marching in. we more on that in a second. humid humidity is up. a few more showers and storms, make sure you keep the laptop and the apps handy because tomorrow afternoon could be interesting around here. here it is. large storm system well north of us, over the great lakes, upper level low. a frontal boundary around the south side. cooler air in here by sunday. most of sunday we won't get out of the 60's. ahead of that cooler air a line of showers, expected to develop through the afternoon. in the peak heating of the day. between four and since storms could go there. we think we will clear by late tomorrow evening. 11, 12, then we will look great into sunset. overnight 58. as we start the fall season, 82 a warm start.
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afternoon storms a good bet. tomorrow night 55, those source clearing another and sunday not bad at all. 70 degrees. on sunday, check it out. our swim across america event, 62 first thing in the morning. water temperature mid60s. not to bad for the swimmers. here is the outlook in to the rest of the weekend and into early next week. clears out nicely. more of that golden autumn sunshine on tap as we go into early next week and bring the orioles back for games early next week as well. i don't know what's more exciting, change of season, swim across america, third year for us to do that on sunday morning and then braves and sunday night prime time. >> did you say mid60s water temperature, not to bad for the swimmers? >> yeah. little chilly. >> most of us will wear a wetsuit and then swimming hard. >> yeah. good luck with that. thank you. more coming up after the break. first a look at night line. >> coming up, it's the drug
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that can make men fitter, even better in bed but there may be dangerous risks to it. why police departments are now testing their own for testerone. and we go to the wilds of brazil to search for anacondas. that's after the news.
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. earlier this week harvard published research suggesting that jesus christ may have had a wife. the university said that it
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hasn't committed to publishing it's research yet. they claim that a 4th century piece of papyrus has text on it where jesus uses the word my wife. two expects have claimed it's real. they are waiting on test results to determine it. the space shuttle touched down in los angeles today putting an end to the 30 year shuttle program. i'm not so sure its cool -- it looks cool here. the end of the program. that's historic. for the last three days the nearly two billion dollar shuttle was displayed from coast to coast. eventually the shuttle will sit there. california science center. >> last time we will see it fly. that's depressing. >> isn't that something? still amazing sight. >> quick check of the weather. no big changes, i think you are okay first thing tomorrow. you have morning plans, chances for showers and storms up through the afternoon. then a cooler day sunday. we will barely get out of the 640s. cool for all those outside
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activities. when we switched to fios, we got better tv,
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better phone, better internet. [ male announcer ] it's time to get more for your money. upgrade to verizon fios internet, tv and phone with our best price online: just $84.99 a month,
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. thank you for watching the news. have a great weekend. >> go ravens. and/or or. >> and orioles.
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